Why Is This The Ultimate Mindful Experience?

The Ultimate Mindful Experience

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The other day I was doing an interview with Sherry Bevan for The Confident Mother series, and I mentioned that I thought that the mountain trek retreat we run for International Women’s Day was the ultimate mindful experience.  Since then a couple of people have got in touch and asked why I had said that – how could trekking in the Atlas mountains be mindful?  Wasn’t that all about meditating?


Mindfulness is much more than meditation, it is all about being present in the moment, and paying attention to what is happening in the here and now – these are always challenges in 21st Century Life!

When we head out on the trek there is always great excitement – we are all filled with a great sense of adventure, and every step is full of excitement, and nerves, and being fully energised by what we’re undertaking.  But once we’ve been trekking for a few hours that changes slightly – we are still on an adventure! But we gain a sense of rhythm and purpose to our stride.

At this point we enter our mindful state – there is no longer anything to worry about other than where you are going to put your next footstep.  We stop worrying about the things that have been going on at home, or in our business, and we stop thinking forward to what tasks we have to complete that afternoon, or the next day.

We are totally in the moment

And trekking in the mountains becomes the ultimate mindful experience



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