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This last week I have been assisting at a Firewalk Instructor Training course.  It has been an incredible journey for me, and witnessing this training from the other side has been deeply imapctful – but, apart from walking fires, what really happens at a FIT?…..

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In a previous blog post where I wrote about what Firewalking has taught me, I mentioned my Firewalk Instructor Training, and how I had walked over 100 fires in one evening (121 to be precise). Everyone always thinks this is incredible, often more than a little stupid as well!…. But witnessing delegates on a FIT programme doing this has made me realise how beyond awesome it really is.  Here’s why…

The FIT programme attracts a truly diverse bunch of people, often with very little in common apart from their readiness to step-up and step-out.  Many people attending the FIT have never even walked on fire before, just like it was for myself, but all have a desire to step out of their comfort zone, and push their boundaries to no-limit limitations…… One thing they do all have in common though is that none of them know what is coming.

This obviously makes it difficult to write a blog post about it, as I don’t want to ruin the adventure for students yet to come….. But what has become apparent to me is that during the 4 days something takes place within each delegate which enables them to move from feeling fear for walking on one fire, to striding over 108 fires in one evening with a big smile on their face – where does that strength and power come from?

I think that the differences among the delegates allows them to pull together as authentic tribe is an exceptional way – as they individually face new, and ever more exciting challenges, they increasingly tighten a circle of support and love around each other.  It’s been a true privilege to witness this happening within the group this week. As they have all willed each other on, there has also been no failure, but a recognition that each person will overcome their own challenges in their own time.

It was funny on this years programme to witness everybody on the first day after they had taken place in a team activity where they had run out of time – initially everyone said they wanted to revisit the activity to pull it together as a team and get it done.  But as the course continued and they moved on to ever more exciting and challenging activities it was long forgotten……  On the last day I asked a couple of them if they still felt they would like to go back and complete the Islands activity, and they couldn’t remember what it was!  So much had been packed into the course.

Firewalk Instructor Training is exhausting – with the delegate’s days running from 9am until midnight most days, meaning that I was working 16+ hours a day to support them.  But it’s also LOTS of fun, with lots of belly laughter and hugs to help you along the way.  It is an awesome adventure for all involved, and by the last night, even when the delegates are preparing to face their fears full on and walk 108 fires, they also have big smiles and dancing feet at the ready.

You can find out more about what we get up to at Firewalk Instructor Training in Tolly Burkan‘s book, Extreme Spirituality, or if you’d be interested in being a delegate at one of the FIT programmes in the UK, feel free to get in touch here.


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