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What Are You Worth For 2015? 1

Remember, remember…..

Do you remember 2014?….It all seems like a long time ago now, doesn’t it?  I wonder if you remember what your social media looked like throughout December.

As well as all the Christmas focused posts, my social media was full of talk about setting goals ready for the year to come – looking beyond New Years Resolutions, allowing yourself to dream big, and to set goals to enable you to make it happen. Did you have big ideas for the year? How’s that worked out for you?


Vision Boards

During that time I wrote a post here at the WISH blog all about Vision Boards, how to make one, and what it can enable you to achieve…. it proved to be a very popular post, and as promised I ran a few Vision Board Workshops.


Lots of people keen to get their New Year goals off to a great start came along to the workshops….. so 6 months later I’m doing some more!  That’s because, although the new year is a great time to look at where we’ll be going in the year ahead, there’s nothing to stopping us looking at what we want to achieve for ourselves at anytime in the year.  In fact, getting to the middle of the year and realising that you still have a lot you want to get on top of is not unusual – it’s not unrealistic to start the year with immense optimism, only to find that by May/June time you’ve lost your way.

These workshops can help you get unstuck, and leave you raring to go.

But what’s REALLY unusual about this series of workshops??

Delegates pay what they think they’re worth

I’m not charging a fixed amount for people to come along – instead attendees are given an envelope during the workshop, and asked to leave a payment for what they think they’re worth at the end.

There are lots of reasons why I’ve taken this step, here’s three of them…..

  • Women are pretty rubbish at investing in themselves – I know people see us as creatures of retail therapy, but in my experience getting women to invest in themselves can be really tough.  I find many women are much more likely to splash the cash for development of their business, or for a new hairdo, than they are on their personal development. Of course, personal development with have a positive knock-on effect on all aspects of life, so doing the workshops this way gives the women that can along the opportunity to experience this, before making the investment.
  • The value of a vision board is not always recognised – For women that have never made a vision board before they may not realise what a powerful tool it can be, and therefore what its long-term value is. At the workshops I run we do a lot of ground work on connecting with our inner choices, and learning to respond to those, long before we start making the boards themselves.  What results is a potent tool to enable women to reach their full potential in the months/years to come.
  • Everyone is entitled to a chance – When I most needed it there were people on hand that invested in me. Now look where I am! I would hope that no-one would see this as an opportunity to attend a ‘free’ workshop, but I also hope that it will give people that would struggle to afford the workshops the chance to consider coming along, and think about how they would be able to afford to pay at least something. Who knows what the next attendee could go on to achieve – Now that’s exciting!

My next two workshops are on the 7th and 25th June, all the info is here

Why not come along, create an amazing vision board to keep you focused in the months to come, and pay what you think you’re worth…..

And if you think the idea of pay what you think you’re worth workshops is fab, then please give this post a share to let others benefit too.

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