The Story Of Me And My Fire Walk Life Lessons 13

The Story Of Me And My Fire Walk Life Lessons

(28/30 of my blogging challenge)

My Journey Over Hot Coals

On day 9 of my blogging challenge I wrote a post about the truth about firewalking going through a lot of the facts (and myths) about firewalking, and also promising I would write another post about my own personal journey surrounding hot coals at a later point in the challenge.  Since then I’ve been almost continuously receiving messages asking when I’m going to write it, and very specifially asking for me to tell about the night I walked over 100 fires…… But best to start at the beginning I guess.


The Planted Seed

Ifire pic squaret was first suggested to me that I should take part in a fire walk in October 2012, it was at a reunion with the fabulous group of people I climbed Kilimanjaro with.  We were in a friends field, sitting round a fire, and some of the people were talking about the phenomenol impact firewalking had, had on them, and they were telling me how much I’d love it……. To give a truly honest recount of the story, I have to say that at that time I was adament that it was something I would not do.  But the seed was planted.

Who I Am, and What I Am Not

Unlike most people, my reasons for not wanting to consider a fire walk had nothing to do with fear of walking on hot coals.  It also had nothing to do with any feelings of embaressment from taking part in an event that could well involve plenty, plenty, high-fives.  I am generally not a fearful person, and it takes an AWFUL lot to get me embarresed – but at that point I wasn’t sure about the spiritual aspects of fire walks, and where that sat with my beliefs.

That’s not to say that I am some super human, super tough, hard core, crazy woman (apparently some people believe I am!).  I bleed, I weep, I love hugs and positively require cuddles.  I am challenged by the trials and emotions that challenge everyone else, I experience self doubt, and I’m so frightened of spiders that after I’ve hoovered one up I have to stick a pair of socks down the hoover pipe for 48 hours……. just to be sure.

But my experience of working with women that have experiened high levels of fear (usually quite literally for their life) is that this can go on to cause them to go one way or another with their relationship with fear in the future.  Some live lives debilitated by fear, other go on to develop a coping mechanism that reaches beyond fear, sometimes to an almost unhealthy level.  It’s probably safe to say I fall more into the later catergory.

Fire Walk Instructor Training

So throughout a lot of 2013 I wrestled with myself and the feeling that I had walked away from a challenge, until I finally made a decision in true Lottie fashion – why would I do a fire walk, when I could train as a fire walk instructor??….. Any uncertainty I had was taken away.  This is what I was going to walk square

So I turned up at my instructor training never having walked a single fire in my life – but with a clear picture in my head that my previous life experience, and my relationship with fear, would equip me not to take part in a fire walk for a life affirming experience for myself, but to enable me to support others to have life affirming experiences for years to come too.  Awesome, eh?  And most certainly…..

My kind of challenge!

death fallThe training involved some seriously crazy stuff, a lot of which had nothing to do with fires – I won’t go into too much detail here, if it’s piqued  your interest you might want to check out Tolly Burkan’s book, Extreme Spirituality. Lots of the things we did there challenged me to the extreme, during the first few days I think I found it difficult to take the level of focus required seriously, but towards the end I felt a definite shift in my own level of ability to alter my own state VERY quickly, to heighten my focus spontaniously when required, and to truly function on a different level.


Do you have any anecdotal tales that you tell ALOT?  If it’s a funny tale, have you told it so often that it’s just not funny any more?…..

When I tell people that I walked 121 fires in one night they always ask, ‘why?’.  My reply is always simply ‘well we were planning to walk 108, but Steve lost fire walking womancount’ (boom, boom).  It was funny the first few times, but it doesn’t make me laugh anymore.  What does make me laugh is when people then say, ‘didn’t it hurt?’……… Of course it blimin’ well hurt!  

Take the fire out of the equation, and just imagine walking 108 gravel paths on the trot on bare feet – my feet were swollen and sore, but I felt elated beyond all imagination to have accomplished it.

To enable us to take part in the challenge, we had one large round fire, then placed three walkways of fire around it.

The very hardest part of the challenge was that we stopped half way through to top up the walkways from the central fire – starting again once we’d stopped was mentally VERY hard, the psychological challenge of embracing that the walkways were going to be at their very hottest point once again was tough, but once again we raised our focus, and raised our game.

Life Lessons

Fire walking has taught me a lot; Here’s just some of the lessons I’ve taken from it so far

  • Crazy shit can be good – don’t be scared of the unknown, at least to investigate it on your own terms
  • Be ready to raise you focus, and always prepared to raise your game
  • If you think fire walking is scary, try taking responsibility for other people walking hot coals – what I do is extremely extreme, and though I beyond lovedy-love it, it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea
  • Seeking out something that is for you, that truly floats your boat, is a worwhile use of your time
  • Walking hot coals has life changing possibilities, it’s worth doing, and it’s worth doing more than once (not necessarily on one night though!) it demands more than a ‘been there, done that’ attitude
  • Extreme focus and the ability to shift your state can create great things
  • Fear is worth making the effort to overcome, in whatever areas of your life it grips, and experiencing that has a whole lot more potential than talking about it
  • Never say never – you’ll never know what you’re missing


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13 thoughts on “The Story Of Me And My Fire Walk Life Lessons

  • Jenny Andersson

    Its a wonderful story, Lottie. I think we may be rather alike. I turned up to Nordic Walk Instructor training never having held a pole. It just seemed like another good tool in the arsenal of helping women re-engage with nature and themselves. I want to join one of your Fire-Walking sessions, but first I’ve got to be sure its not just my adrenalin junkie speaking. A shift in focus and more spiritual awareness is what I’m working on, so I don’t want to come with a ‘t-shirt’ box-ticking attitude. See you soon I hope and thanks for sharing your story. 🙂 x

    • Lottie Moore Post author

      Thanks Jenny – you’d love fire walking, but yes, it’s not recommended to walk when you’re in your ego. I guess the great thing about fire walking is that the fire will always teach you what you need to learn 😉 In the meantime, let’s meet up for a walk one day soon x

  • Carla

    It must be a crazy experience. You must have been very scared for the first time? But would you be looking forward to it for the second time?

    • Lottie Moore Post author

      Leading fire walks is great Carla, but I’d love to get the opportunity to walk myself more often – I always look forward to what the fire will teach me, as well as the experience itself

  • Rosemary Cunningham

    Great blog Lottie. You’re right, being responsible for novice fire walkers would be massively beyond my comfort zone!

    Delighted you’re helping people stretch and do this crazy stuff because it is life changing.. its not every day we walk on red hot coals

    Rosemary X