Saying Goodbye To The Old Story

This used to be my ‘About Me’ page – I’ve decided to change that to tell the story of where I am now. But I know somewhere on this site there has to be at least a little bit of where I have been, so here it will be……..

In October 1999, while the rest of the world seemed to be eagerly anticipating the dawn of a new millennium, I was eagerly anticipating the birth of my first child, only four months away.

It was a time of great excitement, forward planning, nervousness, and joy. It didn’t last.

I woke up in the early hours one night to feel my partner’s elbow digging in my stomach, assuming he was doing this in his sleep I gave him a hard push over to the other side of the bed.  But he was not asleep, and it was not an accident. Instead it was the beginning of a 3 hour physical assault, that led to me needing to visit the hospital for treatment for both myself, and my unborn child.

And so commenced a 17 month period of endurance, where I was subjected to physical, emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, and I continually lived in fear of what was going to happen next as I struggled to look after my newborn daughter through her formative months. I finally had Dudley arrested, just before St Patrick’s day, March 2001.

Although this marked the end of an horrific journey, it was also the beginning of a new, and just as debilitating time of my life, which went on for over six years.

There is very little in UK law which protects victims from being taken to court through the family courts, and Dudley persistently filed Lottie Moore - 0033for court hearings in relation to slightly different aspects of his relationship with our daughter.  Even when he was found to pose significant risk to her, and I had taken part in sessions with his specialized counselling team, he continued to dispute their recommendations and take me back to court, over and again.

By 2008 I was emotionally, financially, physically and mentally spent.  I had lost all perspective of who I was, what I wanted from life, and what I had to give. I only knew that I did not like the life I had, and I began a search for something better that resulted in me going to live in Burkina Faso in West Africa for a lot of 2010, with my daughter.

At the time I left for Africa I had nothing in my mind more than escaping the life I was living, but it resulted in a time beyond all compare, that nourished my soul, fueled my self belief, and filled me with a renewed desire to live a life of purpose and passion.
And here I am.

I regularly pull on the things I learnt from the women in Africa to assist my clients to visualize their true potential, and take steps, leaps, and bounds towards living their authentic life of brilliance, and am regularly invited to join varied organisations to speak to audiences to share some of my unique insights.

I believe that, just as I used to, many people focus on things they believe they want, but when they achieve these goals they fail to
Lottie+Moore+-+0026_clipped_rev_1satisfy, and instead lead to a life of constant disappointment.  I believe that so many of the clients I’ve worked with have started from a place where so many of the things they assume about themselves just aren’t true, and these beliefs have prevented them reaching their full potential, and I believe that, just like me, we all have the ability, desire and strength to look beyond our limitations, stop wishing on stars, and start sparkling like them.  I hope that my story will inspire you to make a start in living your life with renewed positivity, passion and purpose NOW.

I get beyond excited when I realise that I have gone on to become a multi-award winner.  I would love the opportunity to share what I have learned through my personal journey, to assist you on your own journey too – if that resonates, I’d love to hear from you.  

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