Coaching & Mentoring

Mentoring & coaching empowers individuals to visualise the change that they can accomplish within their own lives, and enables them to progress along their life journey with clear focus on what they want to achieve, and how they are going to do that.  Leading to happy, productive, and purposeful lives.

Lottie is a multi-award winning  coach and mentor, who lives life outside of the comfort zone.  She specialises in assisting individuals to connect with their distinctive authentic self, and carry it forward through their personal and professional lives.

By taking women on an incredible learning journey, often outside of their personal comfort zone, Lottie enables them to connect with their true feminine energy, and inspires them to use their unique skills to build happy, healthy, and successful lifestyles.



Mentoring can be transformational for anybody, but I work best with people who

  • Are looking to overcome hidden hurts
  • Are held back by their negative self-image
  • Lack self-confidence & belief in their self-worth
  • Are thought of as successful but lack contentment or satisfaction in their lives
  •  Are passionate about living the most fulfilled lives they can

If this resonates with you, then get in touch to schedule your 1-to-1 skype Breakthrough Session with me, for the special price of just £32, to allow you the confidence to know that coaching and mentoring is right for you before you commit to a longer programme, and for me to ascertain how I can best bring value to your life.




The Breakthrough Session holds no commitment to take part in any further sessions, but if you decide to take up the offer of working with Lottie on a one-to-one basis, and go ahead and become a WISH member and book further sessions, your £32 will be taken off the total of your future mentoring costs. You can’t lose! so feel free to get in touch to enquire.