Lottie Moore’s Story

Lottie is a multi-award winning  coach and mentor, who lives life outside of the comfort zone.  She specialises in assisting individuals to connect with their distinctive authentic self, and carry it forward through their personal and professional lives.

By taking women on an incredible learning journey, often outside of their personal comfort zone, Lottie enables them to connect with their true feminine energy, and inspires them to use their unique skills to build happy, healthy, and successful lifestyles.

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Having faced extreme struggles through the early part of the 2000s, Lottie left the UK in 2010 to go and live in Burkina Faso, West Africa, with her 10 year old daughter for the year.  It was a time that nourished her soul, and left her eager to share what she had learned about WISH purp bluecommunity, feminine strength, and self-love in Africa with others.

Lottie launched WISH in 2012, and it quickly went from strength to strength.  Offering powerful and effective services for women, including 1-to-1 coaching, breakthrough and visualisation events, opportunities to book Lottie to speak, inspirational blog articles, and networking and training through the Business Hub.

Working with Lottie is a unique experience – by pulling on her NLP, CBT, and Firewalk Instructor training, she is able to create environments that enable true breakthrough, and profound growth and development for all her clients.

If you would like the opportunity to work with Lottie for personal or holistic business support on your growth journey – seize the day and get in touch now.