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LIMG_54094728745361ast January I was fortunate enough to go and spend a week in a bungalow by the coast.  For a lot of the week I was there on my own – it was a totally blissful time for me.  I had my own hottub in the garden, so I ould spend time walking the cliffs in the shocking weather, tehn head back and soak in my tub.

It was during this week that I wrote my first book, Why Not You? Why Not Now?  I sat in bed and drank tea, set my intentions and goals for the year, and……… relaxed.

I look back on that week with incredibly happy memories, but it feels very weird for me to reflect on it – so much in my life has changed since then.  Although I’ve had an incredible year, it’s also been a year of great loss.  During my week at the coast I had a healthy daughter, a healthy sister, a fella, and a Dad.

But when I reflect back it’s not just what is gone that I think about – I was struck today by how much I have changed my views, beliefs, and aspirations over the last 12 months.


I ended up writing a list of things I consider myself to be, the things I aspire to, and the things that generally float my boat.  I’ve decided to share some of it with you now.  I hope that doesn’t sound too much like me living in my ego – I’m doing it because I’d like to encourage you to write a list of who you are that you can look back on at the end of the year too.


  • I like drinking beer with the boys
  • I like getting muddy
  • I’m happiest outside
  • I’m comfortable with no make up on
  • I am a Christ follower
  • I like spending ages putting  some slap on
  • I dislike running but I do it anyway
  • I am outragiously optimistic
  • I am passionate about my friends
  • I laugh til my belly hurts often
  • I’m a bit of a hottie in a wee dress
  • I rock the boat
  • I check my emails in my jammies in the mornings
  • My life is not ordinary, but it feels like it to me
  • I rise to a challenge
  • I do not in the slightest associate with being a butterfly
  • I regularly doubt I can achieve what I set out to – but I set out anyway
  • I love music
  • I am very sensitive, but don’t often let people know

My Learning

My learning from today has been that, although lots of things change, lots of things stay the same.



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2 thoughts on “I Like It Like That

  • Lottie Moore Post author

    Thanks Robyn – it was really interesting to write the list. With all the amazing stuff I get to do, sometimes I feel that things have hugely changed, but actually, I’m still just little ol’ me 😉