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How Rational Is Your Fear? #ShowFearTheFinger 3

What Holds You Back?

When looking at the obstacles and barriers that hold my clients back, just about every day I come across fears that are often very irrational, and yet for them VERY real.  In recent months I’ve noticed a real rise in people that are inhibited to pick up the phone to make a call, but that’s just one small example.

2015-03-24 15.07.31Other fears I witness on a regular basis include

  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of being single
  • Fear of not enough money
  • Fear of too much money
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of looking stupid
  • Fear of the unknown

Today’s news covered a very sad story about young people injured at Alton Towers which has left a lot of people saying how scary roller coasters are.  Of course this accident is terrible, and the people involved would have been terribly frightened to say the least, and rightly so.  But, inspired also by a post at Listverse, I thought I’d take a look at what frightens us, and what we’d be better off being scared of. Some of these might bring a smile to your face, however, this is a serious subject, and if fear holding you back from your authentic purpose resonates with you, why not sign up for our free webinar on 24th June to support you to show fear the finger?

What The Stats Say

As a hiker I was rather concerned to discover that you’re more likely to be killed by a cow than a bear – In fact in the US and Canada an average of less than 2 people a year are killed by Black Bears, compared to 22 a year by Cattle.

More Americans die from high school sports than they do at the hands of terrorists – An average of 50 US children die on the playing field each year, yet since 2002 not a single Terrorist killing has taken place inside the US, and overall an average of 12 private US citizens have been killed by terrorists each year, the majority involving travel to Afghanistan.

It’s true! In fact you’re over 100 times more likely to die falling out of bed than you are on a roller coaster –  On average 4 people a year are killed by roller coasters each year in the US, but 1 of those 4 is through involvement in an occupational injury, and half of them are by the ride exacerbating an long standing medical condition.  Only 1 death a year is due to accident or trauma caused by the ride……. How many people die falling out of bed? Over 450 each year.  Ironically, some of these are as a result of being in hospital and attempting to climb over the bed rails – there’s a lesson to be learnt there I think!

I Get Scared Too

reset your mindsetBeing someone that assists people to step through their fears, people often assume that I don’t experience fear – this is most certainly not the case.  Put me and a spider in the same room and it’s often not a pretty sight, and I am also challenged by the same emotional fears that my clients face too.  BUT I have learnt to recognise fear for what it is, and not only step through it, but channel it and use it to my own advantage – would you like to learn too?

If you’d like to be a part of an exclusive group that recognizes AND OWNS their fear, then seize the day and sign up HERE for my free webinar on 24th June now – you won’t regret it.



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3 thoughts on “How Rational Is Your Fear? #ShowFearTheFinger

  • Wendy Tomlinson

    Fantastic post and yes it was terrible news yesterday. I too have a completely irrational fear of spiders and heights, you know when I stand at the top of the castle and think somehow I’m going to fall over that 4 foot wall and plummet to the ground!!!

    These fears don’t stop me from doing the things I want, and like you even though I help people to overcome their fears, I still face my own. I think we always have fears and it’s natural but finding a way to work through them is essential if they hold you back.

  • Sarah

    It’s good to hear you’re still like us Lottie! Ha. Not many people could walk on 100 fires in a day though, so you’re still a tad braver. 😉

  • Robyn

    Interesting stats, Lottie. Funny, I have a fear of thunderstorms because of the lightning, even though I know the chances of being struck are pretty slim. We’ve adopted a phrase here in our house to help with fears; I think I heard Joyce Myer use it once, we say; Do it afraid!
    Love this post! Thanks for sharing with us