Hold The Rolling Stone 5

2/30 of my Blogging Challenge 2015

It’s world friendship day, and I thought at first I would write a post all about what friendship means to me – but I struggled with that.

I am fortunate that my work brings lots of awesome people into my life, and beyond that I have an eclectic mix of friendships, many of which have spanned over 30 years. I love many of my friends passionately, and am not afraid to tell them so, I also love how my true friends words and actions reflect that back at me.

I love this song by Passenger as I’m pretty sure there’s quite a few of my friends I could say these things to, and I know that over the years many of my friends have uplifted me, held me close, or waited for me, all with love in their hearts…

All in all I increasingly realise that I do not require that ‘special someone’ to know that I am much loved.


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