This last week I have been assisting at a Firewalk Instructor Training course.  It has been an incredible journey for me, and witnessing this training from the other side has been deeply imapctful – but, apart from walking fires, what really happens at a FIT?…..   In a previous blog […]

What Happens At FIT, Stays At FIT – What REALLY ...

Walking provides a great opportunity for training the mind because it’s something that we do every day.  It’s very natural, very ordinary and something that is totally unconscious thing to do because we learn it at such a young age. Often when we’re walking we are thinking; what shopping we’ve […]

How Walking Mindfully Helps Connect Us To Our Neighbourhood

January Last January I was fortunate enough to go and spend a week in a bungalow by the coast.  For a lot of the week I was there on my own – it was a totally blissful time for me.  I had my own hottub in the garden, so I […]

I Like It Like That

Step Away From The Computer I’m a great fan of reading inspirational, self-help, personal development blogs and books.  But sometimes, just sometimes, you need to step away from the computer, or whatever you’re reading on, and simply be you. And proclaim it to the world. It’s New Years Whatever you’re […]

Nothing I Can’t Achieve, ‘Cause In Myself I Believe