Why I’ve Given Up Facebook For Lent I’ve given up Facebook for lent. Apart from some pics that I posted at the weekend as part of a social media experiment (I’ll be blogging more about that another day) I’m only really posting content like my blog posts remotely (ie sharing […]

Giving Up Something Good, For The Sake Of Something Great ...

Valentine’s Day’s A Comin’ It’s not long until Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re single or in a relationship you’re probably starting to see posts on social media about loving yourself first. This sounds quite simplistic on the surface of things, but the reality is lots of my 1-to-1 clients ask […]

Want To Love Yourself First?……Concentrate!

International Women’s Day I’m currently planning a large Women’s event for International Women’s Day (8th March) – there are going to be opportunities for connection, inspiration, empowerment, and celebration as we are joined by International speakers and businesses that serve women, for workshops, networking, breakthrough activities, and a celebration fire walk […]

Women’s Events and Feedback