Are You Ready To Share Your Story?

Are You Ready To Share Your Story

On The Blog

Over the last couple of years my blogging has completely revolutionised the way I can reach others.

As well as supporting and growing my business it has enabled me to reach people the world over, and offered me exciting ways of sharing my story that I never really imagined.

I started my own WordPress site at the end of 2010 – it took me hours of what felt like blood, sweat, and tears to learn how to put the site together, and although it was functional, aesthetically it left a lot to be desired.

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Over the years I have taken part in training programmes, and blogging challenges, that  have enabled me to grow two fantastic sites where I get to connect with many awesome individuals, both here at WISH, and at Physical Inspired Metaphors, and now I’d like to offer you the opportunity to share your own story, through an affordable WordPress site.

Your Site

If you would like a foot up on the blogging ladder, or are in need of a website to get you started, then why not get me to build your first site for you?

I know I would never have got started on my blogging journey if I’d had to pay for an expensive website, it just wasn’t in my budget, and understand that many have a similar experience when starting out.

If you would like a four page website, including blog roll, with full instructions of how to add your own blogs simply and swiftly, then I can do it for you! And keep the price affordable for you.

How It Works

You provide a few pictures, and ideas of what you want on the site, and I’ll put it together for you – for just £250 you can have a brilliant 4 page website that reflects you, and what you do to your ideal audience

Your pages could include

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Products & Services
  • How To Find Us
  • Testimonials
  • Blog

You choose what you’d like, and you’ll end up with a fantastic site, all ready to support you to share your story, and connect with your ideal followers.


Get Your Site Now




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