A New/Old Challenge 8

1/30 of my Blogging Challenge 2015

Yesterday I wrote a post over at my Firewalkers site all about taking on a new challenge, featuring Usher – which was kind of apt for me as today I’m starting a new challenge myself!

Well, it’s actually an old, new challenge… or perhaps a new,old challenge, depending on which way you look at things.  My challenge is a second go through the 30 Day Blogging Challenge from SarkeMedia.  I first did this challenge last year and although it was tough going sometimes (ahh, the memories of midnight blog writing are flooding back) I really enjoyed it, and gained a lot from it too.


I love supporting my clients as they take on a challenge

for many it’s real Out Of The Comfort Zone stuff, like trekking mountains, or starting their own business; or things that are blogging challenge bookreally personal, maybe they haven’t done so well with in the past, like losing weight, or getting over a relationship.  So here in today’s post I’m taking the first two steps towards completing any challenge successfully 

  • I’m setting my intention that I’m worth the effort
  • I’m putting it out there that this is what I intend to do

You can read all about my first run in this post and why I feel I got so much from it, but to give you an overview the challenge is free to take part in, is supported by a daily training email (or there’s a Kindle book with all the learnings included), and introduces you to lots of other awesome bloggers. Most importantly, there’s loads of support from Sarah and Kevin who make up the Sark team.  This time I’m going to be doing the challenge slightly differently as not all my post will be here – on Thursdays I write for Birds On The Blog, and at the end of the week I write my Friday Firewalkers post.

Want to know more?

Why not sign up to take the challenge too?  The emails will walk you through each step, and although it’s hard sometimes, you’ll soon get in a rhythm of writing regularly and ideas will come thick and fast – if you fancy giving it a go you can sign up to take part here….  But don’t take my word for it, here’s what Sarah Arrow from has to say too.

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